The Industry Standard UV Light Sanitizer

OUR uv light sanitizer IS The Most Effective and Fastest Way to Sterilize.

Powerful, Safe, Cost-Effective

Most Advanced Technology Available &  Used by Most Hospitals.

uv light sanitizer


  • Most Advanced Technology Available
  • Efficiently Sterilize From Floor to Ceiling
  • Easy to Operate and Easy to Transport from Room to Room
  • Low Cost Alternative to Conventional Cleaning Methods


WE can help you SOLVE your community health issues.

TS CBlue™ units are used in Hospitals, Healthcare Services, Municipal Buildings Food Chain Industry, Commerce Buildings, and Residential. Two units to choose from, the single lamp Titan Sentinel or the double lamp Titan Defender.

Anywhere people go TS CBlue Lanterns should go.

Why TS CBlue is the Superior Choice

Titan CBlue™ is faster than any other means for sterilizing rooms. By the time you finish sterilizing a table, we are done with the room, the table, the ceiling, the walls, the floor, and the furniture.

TS CBlue™ Lanterns are safe to the client and fixtures within residential or commercial spaces. The TS CBlue™ system is a remote-controlled process. Place the unit in the room, leave the room, fire off remote and 5 minutes later complete room is sterilized from floor to ceiling. How?



Viruses, bacteria, and harmful microbes damage you on a cellular basis. Damage them back with the most powerful UV-C lighting systems built.


Our science has driven us to combine large parts of the UV-C spectrum. We use this to prevent bacteria from escaping, viruses from ducking, and mold from dodging our germicidal light field. We also use far more power than anyone else to keep you safe.

germicidal light field sanitizing for hospitals
UV light sanitizers offer several benefits across multiple industries, including effective disinfection, chemical-free sanitation, time efficiency, and safety for various surfaces. These advantages are particularly relevant in healthcare, food processing, hospitality, and retail sectors.

Detailed Benefits:

  1. Effective Disinfection:
    • Healthcare: UV sanitizers effectively eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, crucial in hospitals and clinics to prevent healthcare-associated infections.
    • Food Processing: They ensure a high level of hygiene by killing microorganisms on food surfaces and processing equipment, reducing the risk of foodborne illnesses.
  2. Chemical-Free Sanitation:
    • Hospitality Industry: Hotels and restaurants can use UV sanitizers to clean rooms and dining areas without chemical residues, ensuring guest safety and comfort.
    • Retail: Retail spaces, especially those selling consumables or health products, can maintain cleanliness without the risks associated with chemical cleaners.
  3. Time Efficiency:
    • Healthcare: Quick and efficient sanitization means less downtime in high-traffic areas like operating rooms or patient wards.
    • Hospitality and Retail: Fast sanitization processes allow for quicker room turnovers and less disruption to business operations.
  4. Safety for Various Surfaces:
    • Healthcare and Food Processing: UV light is safe for most materials, reducing the risk of damage to sensitive medical equipment or food packaging.
    • Retail and Hospitality: It can be used on a wide range of surfaces, including fabrics and electronics, without causing harm.
  5. Cost-Effective in the Long Run:
    • Across Industries: While the initial investment might be higher, UV sanitizers can be more cost-effective over time due to lower operating costs and less need for consumable supplies like chemical disinfectants.
  6. Environmentally Friendly:
    • General Benefit: Reduces the need for chemical disinfectants, lowering the environmental impact associated with chemical use and disposal.
  7. Ease of Use:
    • General Benefit: UV sanitizers are typically easy to operate, requiring minimal training for staff across various industries.
  8. Adaptability and Versatility:
  • General Benefit: UV sanitizing devices come in various forms (handheld, mobile units, fixed installations), making them adaptable to different industry needs.


  • Effectiveness Limitations: UV light must directly hit surfaces to disinfect, so it may not be effective in crevices or shaded areas.
  • Safety Precautions: Direct exposure to UV light can be harmful to skin and eyes, necessitating safety protocols.

UV light sanitizers offer a versatile, efficient, and eco-friendly solution for maintaining high hygiene standards across various industries. Their adaptability and effectiveness make them a valuable tool in the ongoing effort to ensure public health and safety.

 Frequently asked questions about C-Blue

You Ask, we answer

I use CDC procedures for wiping down my spaces. Why is Titan C-Blue better?

Yes, you can wipe the tables, doorknobs, kitchen counters, sinks, monitors, and a few other things. But…

1) Not all disinfectants are able to kill viruses and bacteria in your home or office.
2) Surfaces must stay WET for 5 to 10 minutes. NOT damp. NOT moist, but WET. This means wiping surfaces down with disinfectant does not render them inert.
3) How do you wipe down your walls, your floor, your papers, your furniture, your ceilings, your vents, your windows?

Anything in your home or office space can potentially hold on to viruses, bacteria, mold, and other pathogens. In fact, a medical study of waiting rooms showed that infections frequently lodged on the walls or ceilings until the air conditioning lofted the pathogens and infected waiting patients. Only Titan C-Blue can handle reach everywhere and turn them to dust.

I have a UV lamp. Isn’t that enough?

The UV lamp you have is probably a fun blacklight. In some circumstances, it can have an adverse impact on the pathogens but not kill them. If the lamp you have IS correct, then it is
probably not powerful enough to sterilize a room in a few minutes.

I am a home inspector, will C-Blue work on mold?

C-Blue will kill mold in just a few moments. We can service you with full “lanterns” or smaller units if necessary to direct the effect.

I have seen UV units at the hospital. Why is C-Blue better?

Nearly all hospitals that have the other company’s product have one. This means when their units are used, there are shadows in the room where germs can hide. This is not much better than wiping. C-Blue systems use multiple high power “lanterns” to make sure there are NO SHADOWS where germs can hide.

Your UV emitters are continuous, won’t they damage my home or office articles?

UV damage occurs over the period of years. Rapid illumination bursts of 5-10 minutes per area form Titan C-Blue generators will not do the same damage as 5 to 10 years outside in the Sun.
Moreover, the wavelengths that kill viruses and other nasties are so short that they do not burrow into materials like your favorite chair. If you have valuables that you would like covered, for example, paintings or heirlooms, we understand and will drape these after first a reasonable wipe down.

Won’t my air purifier do the same thing? It has a HEPA and a UV tube inside.

Titan C-Blue sterilizes everything in a room in one quick blast. Air purifiers work slowly and only catch things that wander into the filters. Air purifiers will not kill things stuck to the walls or pathogens floating in the air a few feet away for the purifier.

Won’t my air purifier do the same thing? It has a HEPA and a UV tube inside.

Titan C-Blue sterilizes everything in a room in one quick blast. Air purifiers work slowly and only catch things that wander into the filters. Air purifiers will not kill things stuck to the walls or pathogens floating in the air a few feet away for the purifier.

I have an ozone generator. Isn’t that sufficient?

Titan C-Blue has ozone as a part of our system. But keep in mind ozone generators ONLY work if
1) They are big enough to saturate a room. This means occupants must leave for hours while viruses are killed.
2) They are pointed in the right direction. They only kill in the ozone stream.
3) Ozone has a short half-life which means it does not stay around very long. There is a good chance your ozone generator is a sufficient for odors but not pathogens.

We wipe down our facility after each patient visit or at the end of the day. Why is this better?

Viruses and other pathogens can hide anywhere. A small Titan C-Blue unit can handle an exam room in 5 minutes. Why not be more effective and efficient? A retailer or grocery store can
close a set of aisles or cash registers while C-Blue units are used. We cannot expect a grocery store or a pharmacy to reach all of its shelves and walking areas. Titan can keep the store
and pharmacy sterile AND operational. Try doing that without shutting down for a day.

Each disinfectant is good at killing certain bacteria and viruses, which particular virus can Titan’s C-Blue kill?

We kill all pathogens. C-Blue tears pathogens apart at the molecular level and truly works on living micro-organisms. From mold to bacteria to viruses, they are all vulnerable to our

We are a hospital with a competitive UV system, why should we consider you?

We are glad you have invested in the next step and appreciate the commitment you took to learn about the cutting edge of disinfection. Our systems are not sold at $100,000 each. A
hospital can feasibly have dozens of C-Blue “Lanterns” instead of one of our competitors. Plus with our plan, your hospital is never at risk for repairing a broken unit, and you will never need
to write a huge cheque. This means more budget for you and your patients.

I am a store manager for a large retail chain or shipping company. Will you need a crazy voltage to use that we do not have?

No. Our systems are based on good old North American 110 VAC at 60 Hz. Our units are light and simple to turn on and off.

Do you have the approval of the EPA, CDC, FDA, or NRC?

This is a fine idea for SOME cases. Covid-19 and many other viruses, bacteria, and molds have longer shelf lives outside the human body. Therefore, 14 days may not be enough. This is
the ONLY method to cover ALL surfaces quickly and make sure that no germs survive in your home or workplace.

I’m sold. How much does it cost?

Business and hospital plans are available for the rental of multiple units per month. Residential plans begin with a onetime treatment all the way to weekly treatments. As we staff up in your area, we will make daily visits to residences available.

What is the service quote based on?

Homes are based by the room. Businesses are based by square footage. We start with nominal fee and adjust depending on the number of rooms and frequency of treatment.