Focused on Environmental Solutions and the Future

Titan Source 1 is a global leader in environmental solutions

Everything from power generators fit for the US military, to a waste to energy group able to convert raw garbage into fuels similar to diesel to our premier soil remediation team with 14 years of oil field clean up experience and chemicals like no other.

TS CBlue™ Disinfectant Light System

The most efficient and cost-effective sanitizing method on the planet. As easy as a mop and bucket to use and NO PPE. TS CBlue™ Lanterns annihilate germs. The superior way to disinfect. No need to purchase, you can lease our lanterns.

TS FireBlock™ Fire Prevention

TS FireBlock™ is an inert liquid that has little color and is almost transparent. The liquid TS FireBlock™ can be hand sprayed, power sprayed, painted, or airdropped onto a target. It cures over 12-24 hours depending on weather conditions, and the result is a 90-minute fire barrier.

TS Water™ Clean Water Purification Systems

Titan Source 1 water systems design draw their inspiration from mobile systems used in many industries. This permits us to rapidly deploy a water or waste unit and bring it online without the need to waste time.

TS MaxClean™ Oil Spill Cleanup

Never dig, scrub, or haul again. This simple, easy-to-use, on-site remediation approach allows YOU to take advantage of our process whenever needed. This inert liquid matrix converts any (oil) hydrocarbon on contact into non-hazardous sand. Catalysts in TS MaxClean™ reactively disintegrate to an inert vitrified mass.

TS MoldBuster™ Odor/Mold Killer and Preventer

Titan’s TS MoldBuster™ eliminates, cleans and prevents mold and misty odor like no other on almost any surface. It’s easy to apply, minimal PPE, contains no bleach, ammonia, or volatile organic compounds (VOCs.) TS MoldBuster™ gets to the root of the mold, killing everything so there is no regrowth.

Titant Source 1™ Is Your Partner For Disaster Recovery

Disasters show up around the world in all shapes and sizes, hurricanes, to floods to earthquakes and even failing infrastructure. Often utilities are impacted.  Contaminated water mains or not enough water at emergency centers on time can hurt your community’s emergency preparedness. Titan Source 1 has a plan.