TS MaxClean™: The Ultimate Oil Spill Cleaner

The leading solution for oil spill cleanup. With its powerful and innovative technology, TS MaxClean™ revolutionizes the way oil spills are managed and remediated.

A Powerful and Innovative Oil Spill Cleaner

Welcome to TS MaxClean™, the leading solution for oil spill cleanup. With its powerful and innovative technology, TS MaxClean™ revolutionizes the way oil spills are managed and remediated. This environmentally friendly product eliminates the need for labor-intensive methods like digging, scrubbing, and hauling. Discover how TS MaxClean™ can effectively clean up oil spills while saving you time, money, and effort.

Effortless On-Site Remediation for Oil Spills

TS MaxClean™ is a simple and easy-to-use product designed for on-site oil spill cleanup. It features an inert liquid matrix that instantly converts oil hydrocarbons into non-hazardous sand upon contact. With its reactive catalysts, TS MaxClean™ efficiently disintegrates contaminants, transforming the affected area into an inert vitrified mass. Experience the convenience of TS MaxClean™ and take immediate action whenever oil spills occur.

Rapid Oil Cleaning Results and Regulatory Compliance

When time is of the essence, TS MaxClean™ delivers rapid and effective results. Within 48 to 72 hours, this powerful solution acts on contaminated soil, restoring it to its original color and reducing total petroleum hydrocarbons well below regulatory requirements. By choosing TS MaxClean™, you not only save valuable time but also ensure compliance with environmental regulations, preventing long-term damage to ecosystems.

NEVER Dig, Scrub, or Haul Again…. Ever with OUR OIL ABSORBENT!

oil spill cleanup product

TS MaxCLean is one of the Best Oil Spill Cleaners

When a product is named “MaxClean” it must get the job done. This simple, easy-to-use, on-site remediation approach allows YOU to take advantage of our process whenever needed. This inert liquid matrix converts any (oil) hydrocarbon on contact into non-hazardous sand. Catalysts in TS MaxClean™ reactively disintegrate to an inert vitrified mass. Typically, Titan Source 1 products take 48 to 72 hours to act on contaminated soil while converting it back to its original color and reducing the total petroleum hydrocarbons well below regulatory requirements. This saves money, time, and the environment. 

It is as we say, TS MaxClean(ed).

oil spill cleanup product


This environmentally friendly, water-based product is a revolutionary way to clean and treat oil contamination and spills.  TS MaxClean™ is an effective method for removing hydrocarbons from water and soil without leaving any harmful chemicals.  A variety of materials have been used over time to absorb oil that collects on and near shore.  But many of the sorbents employed are made of synthetic material that may be damaging or expensive. 

TS MaxClean™ is made with only water-based environmentally friendly materials and is a cost-effective game-changing treatment. No digging, hauling, and soil removal is needed.  During the initial 72 hrs, weathering and sunlight assist in the process of the microbeads. These glassy beads are inert and chemically stable. Once applied, TS MaxClean™ does not spread and therefore cannot contaminate local waterways. 

TS MaxClean™ is the industry standard in hydrocarbon (oil) remediation.

  • Achieve Rapid Regulatory Requirements 
  • Significant Downtime Reduction (Days not weeks).
  • Substantial Cost Savings Over Other Methods (Less labor, less time).
  • Eco-friendly and Environmentally Safe. (Green, we love green)
  • NSF Certified for Use on Water, Soil, and Concrete.
  • MInimal PPE Needed
  • Consumer Friendly and Needs No special Storage
  • Long Shelf Life
Titan’s environmental team has worked for most major oil AND gas companies, as well as a dozen other industries where oil, in any form, is used or utilized.  
These companies continue to make us their first call for remediation.